Just Do It

Agile - Just Do It!


We all start one place, not the same place, but we have all been beginners at some point, and most of us (all?) get the inspiration from others, some of us start to practice right away, others try to learn more before they rush into the new territory.

Having someone to help and guide in the beginning always increase the learning curve dramatically, it is like having a trainer, you can learn without, but the learning generally takes more time and there is a risk that you build bad habits.

My advice to anyone starting with Agile is “just do it”, if you have resources to hire an Agile Coach, that is great, otherwise get started, experiment and learn, there are plenty of good books about Agile, I personally like Scrum and Kanban. There are plenty of forums both F2F (like meetup) and blogs where you can discuss and get inspiration - remember that you should have an open mind, there is in general no right or wrong and many people participating in the discussions try to promote their own ideas.

I would like to give you a few advices:

  • Use retrospect, and keep a log of what happened during the sprint (both good and bad), the log will help the team to remember what happened. At the retrospect, identify 2 (max. 3) things that you want to improve – and assign an owner for each item (otherwise it will not get done), and add the improvement stories to the team’s backlog, if you use Scrum, then add them to the next sprint, continuously learning and improving is essential, and remember that even world champions practice and constantly improve! Do not try to change everything, take it in steps!
  • Things take time! It is my experience that it takes at least 3-6 months for a Scrum team to start feeling comfortable and you will never stop learning, Agile is continuously learning!
  • Use common sense and 5 why’s – try to understand the root cause.
  • You get the best results if Management support the Agile teams and actively help them to solve the challenges they meet.
  • High quality – teams should make sure that what they deliver has high quality and they should continuously add “refactoring” stories to the backlog to improve the system – i.e. if you have software teams, they will constantly need to improve the existing software, a PO with experience knows that using effort on refactoring will help the project.


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